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Scan Charges Scan Charges Scan Charges Scan Charges
Brain, Spine (one region) Rs.4500 Neck, Thorax Rs.4500 MRCP (M.R.Cholangio Pancreatogram) Rs.4500 Any Joint (Shoulder, knee, hip etc) Rs.4500
Cerebral Angiogram, Neck Angiogram Rs.4500 Cerebral Venogram Rs.4500 Pelvis or Abdomen Rs.4500 Pelvis and Abdomen Rs.5500
Spectroscopy Only (Brain) Rs.5000 MRCP and Abdomen Rs.5500 Whole spine (Eg. C.Spine with spine screening) Rs.5500 Cerebral and Neck Angiogram Rs.5500
Brain with cerebral Angiogram or Venogram Rs.5500 M.R.Aortogram and Peripheral Angiogram Rs.7000 Brian and Whole Spine Rs.6500 Brain with cerebral and neck Angiogram Rs.6500
Stroke Protocol Rs.6500 Cervical Spine and Shoulder Rs.4500 + 2000 Shoulder Arthrogram with Contrast Rs.5000 + 2000 Tumour Protocol (with Contrast) Rs.5000 + 2000
Whole Body MRI Rs.8000 Contrast Study (additional) Rs.2000
Scan Charges Scan Charges Scan Charges
Brain (Plain) Rs.2250 Brain + Contrast Rs.2250 + 500 PNS Rs.2500
Orbit + Contrast Rs.2250 + 500 Thorax Rs.3500 Dental CT Rs.3500
PNS with Mastoids Rs.3250 Brain with Facial Bone Rs.3250 Spine (One Region) Rs.3500
Any Joint Rs.3500 Temporal Bones Rs.3500 Pelvis (Hip Joints) Rs.3500
Pelvis + Contrast Rs.3500 + 1000 Neck + Contrast Rs.3250 + 1000 CT Guided Biopsy Rs.4500
Cerebral Angio (with contrast) Rs.4500 KUB Rs.3750 + 1000 Thorax + Contrast Rs.3500 + 1000
Whole Abdomen + contrast Rs.4250 + 1000 CT Cisternogram Rs.4000 + 1000 Brain + Cervical spine Rs.4250
Neck with PNS + Contrast Rs 4250 + 1000 Virtual Bronchoscopy Rs.5000 Colonoscopy Rs.5500
Neck + Thorax + Contrast Rs.5000 + 1000 CT Urogram (with contrast) Rs.5750 Abdomen + Colonoscopy + Contrast Rs.5500 + 1000
CT Whole Spine Rs.6000 Pulmonary Angio (with contrast) Rs.5750 Renal Angio (with Contrast) Rs.6000
Cerebral + Neck Angio + contrast Rs.6500 CT Upper limb Angio(with contast) Rs.7000 Abdomen + MRCP Rs.6500
Stroke protocol (with Contrast) Rs.6500 CT Thoracic + Abdominal Angio (with contrast) Rs.7000 Cerebral Angio + Neck Angio + Brain (with Contrast) Rs.7000
Peripheral Angio + Contrast Rs.7500 CT Whole Body Rs.10000 Coronary Angio (with contrast) Rs.8750
Scan Charges Scan Charges
Cochlear Study (CT + MRI) Rs.3500 + 3500 Any Joint (CT + MRI) Rs.7000
Scan Charges Scan Charges Scan Charges Scan Charges
Upper Abdomen Rs.1000 Pelvis Rs.1000 Obstetrics / Antenatal Rs.1200 Musculoskeletal / Small parts Rs.1250
Transrectal Rs.1350 Echo Rs.1750 Anomaly Scan Rs.1700 Renal/Scrotal doppler Rs.1500
Carotid Doppler Rs.1500 Portal Vein Doppler Rs.1500 Peripheral Doppler (One limb) Rs.1750 Peripheral Doppler (Both limbs) Rs.3000
Both Venous and Arterial (Both Legs) Rs.4500
Scan Charges Scan Charges
Sono Mammogram Rs.1250 Mammogram (USG + X-Ray) Rs.2500
Scan Charges Scan Charges
BMD Rs.2500 Total Body Fat Assessment Rs.3500
Scan Charges Scan Charges Scan Charges
Chest PA/LAT Rs.300/Rs.300 Abdomen AP/LAT Rs.300/Rs.300 Skull AP/LAT Rs.300/Rs.300
Knee AP/LAT Rs.300/Rs.300 L.Spine AP/LAT Rs.300/Rs.300 C.Spine AP/LAT Rs.300/Rs.300
PNS PA Rs.300 ECG Rs.300 X-Ray Pelvis (Including Hip) Rs.300
IVP Rs.1600