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High frequency X-ray technology is an evolution to next level

High frequency X-ray technology is an evolution to next level

Radiography (X-Ray)

The HF advantage high frequency X-ray unit from GE healthcare is an evolution to the next level in X-ray technology. High Frequency X-ray technology produces crystal clear images at the lowest radiation dose possible, surpassing conventional X-ray performance. It typically reduces exposure time by 30%, lowers radiation dose by 25%. This high frequency technology is complemented by the addition of computed radiography, enabling exceptional Digital X-ray images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common answers to clarify your questions.

You have been prescribed X-ray to help the doctor with diagnosis and with the knowledge of the associated radiation exposure. The benefit of early diagnosis outweighs the small Radiation risk. The diagnosis seems to be relatively more important. You can be rest assured the medical imaging technologist who performs your X-rays is highly trained in the ALARA principle, which stands for “As low as reasonably achievable”. This means the diagnosis can be achieved with the lowest radiation dose possible.

The fetus has the risk of Radiation and so if you are pregnant, please inform your doctor and the medical imaging technologist before your X-ray test and get counseling for an alternative test. If the X-rays test is deemed absolutely necessary by the doctor, lead shielding can be used over the abdomen, to reduce this risk to foetus.

Generally, it depends on which part is examined, and based on that you may need to change to the provided gown. You would be required to wear loose and comfortable cloths and remove all jewels, metal objects and glass ornaments to obtain good quality X-ray.

Most examinations would take less than 10 minutes.

Yes, however due to safety reasons they will be advised to remain outside the room for the duration of your X-ray procedure. Protective lead gowns are provided to parents who are required to accompany small children for X-ray examinations.

The X-rays taken are reviewed by our Radiologist, who is the specialist doctor. A report is made and usually available within two hours